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    New: SLC-FENDI

    Swiss Luxury ClinicFollicular Extraction Needles Direct Implantation)

    What is the SLC-FENDI?
    The SLC-FENDI is a new technique, consists in the extraction of follicles in the nape of the neck with a tool that allows a big precision. The plant in areas thinned out is always through fine needles to have density desired and the right angle of the hair.


    Make the customer satisfied


    Quality services

    The HTCLINIC ™ is a clinic with high efficiency, specializing in hair follicles with sampling technology, using fue (Follicular Unit Extarction, an international medical official name).

    HTCLINIC considered invasive technique strip (by removing strips of skin from the scalp) and hence decided not to practice it. On the contrary HTCLINIC apply on their patients the classic 'technique fue' and 'not trim hair f.u.e.'.

    Success stories

    The success of HTCLINIC comes from the fact that applies:

    • classical f.u.e. technique of hair cut.
    • Non-trim hair f.u.e. with transplantation technique f.u.e. without the need to cut the hair, with a high number of follicles transplanted in a few hours and on almost all types of hair.
    • One precise move f.u.e. with meticulous collection of follicles.
    • micro transplantation f.u.e. (micro-transplant fue) with high plant percisione.

    HTClinic in the World

    We carry out transplants of any complexity.

    For this HTCLINIC collaborates with many clinics certified in the world.
    A scientific team will be at your side in case of work and family commitments prevent you to move. If you can not come to us, we'll come to you.

    HTCLINIC has achieved advanced scientific, with precise applications of the technique fue classical and non-trim f.u.e. Our transplants are performed by reducing recurring problems with traditional types of transplantation.

    HTCLINIC offers, at an international level, high levels of quality and professionalism in hair transplantation.

  • Nike LeBron 11 Blue White
  • Nike Zoom KD VI
  • jordan 29
  • Nike LeBron 11 Blue White
  • Nike Zoom KD VI
  • jordan 29
  • Nike LeBron 11 Blue White
  • Nike Zoom KD VI
  • jordan 29